Pantomimes in Salisbury from the Bemerton Players

Mother Goose

Our panto for December 2018

The Bemerton Players are delighted to bring you that family pantomime favourite - Mother Goose.

The Queen of Gooseland has a daughter, Priscilla who has the gift of laying eggs of pure gold. She decides to help a poor old woman living in the village of Ganderville. The woman, Mother Goose, is a kindly old lady with two sons Jack and Billy. But life has been hard for her and a large amount of back rent is owing to Squire Stoneyheart - how will they manage?

A pantomime that's full of fun, song and dance all the way!


Principal Roles
The Queen: Holly Hitchins
Grizelda: Vickie Hill
Jack: Jamie Hopkins
Jill: Jess Mabey
The Squire: Charlie Rebecca Kee
Mother Goose: Simon Smith
Billy: Sally Marshall
Mountain Beast: Kev Lawrence
Prime Minister: Jody Scott
The Radio: Mel Smith / Heather Hitchins
The Guard: Haydn Jones
Priscilla: Zoe Picton

Beth Whitmarsh, Karen Whitmarsh, Spencer Priestley.


Directors: Charlie Rebecca Kee and Mel Smith
Costumes: Mel Smith
Props: Heather Hitchins
Sound: Dave Hitchins
Lighting: Andy Smith
Spotlight: Kenny Whitmarsh
Stage Manager: Kevin Lawrence
Stage Hands: Christopher Hitchins and Tom Booth
Prompt: Mel Smith
Set Design: Heather Hutchins
Set Decoration: Heather Hutchins, Andy Smith, Kenny Whitmarsh, Christopher Hitchens, Tom Booth and Kev Lawrence
Tickets: Simon Smith and John Bruce
Publicity & Web: John Bruce
Front of House Co-ordinator: Sandra Scott
Front of House: Darlean Jones, Janna McIntyre, Lucy Savage, Teresa Mcleod

Some photos from our early rehearsals
Pantomime in Salisbury 2018 - Mother Goose Panto


Salisbury Panto 2018 Mother Goose