Pantomimes in Salisbury from the Bemerton Players

Jack and the Beanstalk

by Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark

A tale of love, adventure and some beans! A gruesome
Giant, a wicked Witch, a fabulous Fairy, a brave Hero,
the obligatory village Idiot, a daft Dame and, of course,
a cute and cuddly cow!

The kingdom is in trouble! Giant Blunderbore and his partner in crime, the evil witch, Poison Ivy are blackmailing the royal family, forcing them to pay protection money or else the Giant will gobble them up! All that stands between the Royals and the Giant's dinner plate is collection of unreliable misfits!

There is the dizzy Dame Trott, facing eviction from her dairy, her son Idle Jack, a day dreamer who is waiting for his destiny to find him, Dozy Den, the incompetent village idiot and the lovable cow, Buttercup (who probably has more brains than the rest of them put together!).
Can this motley gang save the kingdom from destruction and beat the beastly Giant and the wicked Witch? What can Fairy Beansprout do to help them?

This year we supported the Stars Appeal CT Scanner Campaign - £250 from ticket proceeds went towards the second CT Scanner for Salisbury District Hospital at Odstock. More details of the campaign here

Our 2013 pantomime was jam-packed with jokes, slapstick, gunge, loveable characters and all the magic of traditional pantomime with enough audience participation to leave you hoarse by the end of the show!

Watch the whole pantomime here: