Pantomimes in Salisbury from the Bemerton Players

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Our panto for December 2015

Welcome to Baghdad!

pantomime in Salisbury

Sunny Baghdad is the ideal family resort, particularly for those in search of hilarious adventure. The accommodation is excellent, with constant hot and cold running sand and single bedouins in every room. You'll find bargains galore in the old bazaar: you can get your haircut at All Baba's for a penny or your throat cut by El Scorpio for nothing. If you fancy a bite to eat, try Fatima's snake pie: it's the local fast-food ... get your teeth into it fast before it gets its teeth into you!

Sightseeing couldn't be easier ... you can get involved in all the local colour without leaving your seat. But if it's excitement you're after, why not join the intrepid Pollyanna Jones and her father on a treasure hunt? They're seeking the Tomb of Doom and need lots of help avoiding thieves and ancient curses. Don't worry, if the going gets rough, a good sing-song will raise the spirits ... just be careful it doesn't raise the dead.

In old Baghdad, nothing is quite what it seems... even the Songsheet needs deciphering, However, the Tap Dance of the Seven Veils is worth waiting for and all is revealed in the end.



Ali Baba a poor barber - Sally Marshall
Rhum Baba  his son (Principal Boy) - Nahtanaha Salmi-Wright
Kasim Baba Ali’s rich brother - Dave Inglis
Olive Baba his wife - Vickie Hill
Fatima Kebab a ‘gourmet’ cook (the Dame) - Fraser Adams
Professor Jones an archaeologist - Nick Goodman
Polly Jones his daughter (Principal Girl) - Sasha Bryant
Crystal The Spirit of the Cave - Imogen Knight
Bubble  a thief - Maela Dakin
Squeak a thief - Holly Hitchins
Vanilla a belly dancer - Emily Dunford
Delight a belly dancer - Charlie Martin
Mustapha Nana a merchant - Alex Dakin
A Camel - Lisa Salmi Wright, Georgina Martin & Chris Kirkland

and Dancers:
Beth Whitmarsh, Jacqui Hedges, Lauren Berridge, Lydia Marshall, Mel Smith, Mollie Sobucinska, Simon Smith, Summer Baker

pantomime in Salisbury
Olive & Kasim Baba (Vickie Hill and Dave Inglis) swap marriage tips with Polly Jones (Sasha Bryant) and Rhum Baba (Nahtanaha Salmi-Wright), while Professor Jones (Nick Goodman) lurks behind.