Pantomimes in Salisbury from the Bemerton Players



Pictures from the serious (and not so serious) side of rehearsals (click to enlarge):

The 2011 Panto was:

Aladdin -
A classic telling of the timeless panto.

Written by Nick Moore.


Our picture for the Journal

Cheer for our hero Aladdin and the beautiful Princess Jasmine, hiss and boo the evil Abanazar and laugh along with the outrageous Widow Twankey and Wishee Washee.

Abanazar tires to convince Aladdin to enter a cave and get him a dusty old lamp but Aladdin gets suspicious and refuses to help his new "Uncle." Getting angry Abanazar seals him the cave to die so Aladdin bored rubs the dirty old lamp and out pops the Broadway obsessed Genie! His life will never be the same again!

PLUS three Chinese policemen...CHOP, PING & PONG! (on the ceiling if you want me.) I'll explain that gag later..


 (in order of appearance)

Abanazar - Bob Price
Slave of the Ring - Belinda McNeill
Wishee Washee - Sally Marshall
Dancers - Sandie Scott, Beth Whitmarsh, Imogen Knight, Alex Browning, Rebekah Dix and Charlotte Martin
Widow Twankey - Mick Cooney
So Shy - Charlotte Martin
Aladdin - Vickie Hill
Empress of China - Robyn Golden-Hann
Chief of Police, Chop - Mark Pomeroy
Policeman Ping - Dave Inglis
Policeman Pong - Nathan Hopkins
Princess Jasmine - Bethan Carley
Genie of the Lamp - Faye Gibbons

Director - Chris Plummer
Assistant Director - Irene Cooney
Producer - Kevin Lawrence
Assistant Producer - Mick Cooney
Costumes - Rachel Plummer, Naseem Dix, Irene Cooney
Props - Janna McIntyre, Robin Holloway, Kenny Whitmarsh,Irene Cooney, Mick Cooney
Sound - Janna McIntyre, Colin Crook, Alex McIntyre
Lighting - Toby Marshall, Georgina Martin
Stage manager - Kevin Lawrence
Stage hands - Robin Holloway, Kenny Whitmarsh, Charlie White
Choral coach - Sandie Scott
Choreography - Sandie Scott
Make-up - Georgina Martin
Prompt - Sue Tranter
Set design and decoration - Tony Common
Cave scene set design, decoration and treasure - Irene and Mick Cooney
Front of House - Jean Kirkman, Janna McIntyre, Sandie Scott, Heather Oliver, Heather Mandy Barnett, Terri Seaton, Margaret Moore
Tickets - Dave Inglis
Posters, programme and website - John Bruce

Videos of the show on YouTube:

And the whole pantomime! (1hr 33min):